MLM Tip of the Day – Dont be a Beggar

MLM Tip #1: Don’t be a Beggar

Everyone is ‘sick’ in a certain way and they will look for medicine to solve their problems. Ever seen a doctor hard-selling medicine? No, the patients beg the doctor to CURE them. The patients are looking for a solution and the doctor doesn’t sell them, he gives advice and prescribes.


Stop being like a BEGGAR! … Don’t go, “Come out and listen to my opportunity, I’ll buy you a drink.” You spend 2 hours explaining to them your opportunity and in the end they didn’t join you. Why?


How do you prescribe medicine to their sickness? First EXPOSE their sickness, generate interest in your ‘medicine’ and HELP THEM by UNDERSTANDING their needs.


Happy networking everyone!

Robert Magnaye

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