About Me

375967_517393798276252_696400168_nMy name is Robert Magnaye.

I am a civil engineer by profession and an OFW in Dubai UAE.

I came from the province of Batangas, a first class province of the Philippines located on the southwestern part of Luzon in the CALABARZON region.

I decided to work abroad to give the best quality of life for my family. I have been an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) since January 2006 and been to different countries such as Laos, Thailand and currrently in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

I started looking for oppotunities when I realized that working as an OFW is not the solution to achieve the time and financial freedom I have been dreaming of.

I look around the internet to find a solution and stumbled upon the famous book of Robert Kiosaki “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. Since then I started to look for opportunities to put what I have learned in the book into action.

I found out that the only way to achieve the time and financial fredoom is to take advantage of the power of leveraging and that is when I was introduced to MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or Network Marketing or most popularly known as Direct Selling.

I have been involved in different network marketing companies and like many others who tried this business I became frustrated due to lack of mentors and support from uplines and the necessary skill sets which is essential to the success in this wonderful industry.

Now, what about you? Let me ask you a few questions.

What’s most important to you? Because truthfully, no matter what age you are, without your health, the money doesn’t matter. Would you like to work with someone that wants to make life better for people by improving their physical, financial and spiritual health; someone who brings unstoppable energy and personal attention to everyone he meets?

Are you looking for a seasoned professional and a great team who knows what they are doing,  who does not settle for ordinary and believes that good is not good enough? Someone who consistently works hard with a smile on her face? Someone who loves to share in the joy of helping others achieve their goals?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

I hope you like my blog and wish all the best in your pursuit of time and financial freedom.

Dedicated to your success,

Robert Magnaye


Be my friend: https://www.facebook.com/roberto.magnaye


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