Hello there and welcome to my blog!

375967_517393798276252_696400168_nMy name is Roberto Magnaye.

My business partners calls me Robert. I am a civil engineer by profession and an OFW in Dubai UAE. I am also a part time network marketer.

The purpose of this blog is to share all the tools, skills and knowledge I learned in my journey to time and financial freedom thru personal development and MLM and Network Marketing.

Network marketing is a wonderful industry but misunderstood by many people, many think MLM and Network Marketing as a Pyramid Scheme or Scam. So, if you are new to this industry and does not have the proper skill sets and understanding how this business works then you might end up frustrated just many people who joined this industry for a few months and quit.

Our members training provide A powerful System – simple and duplicatable.

In order to make a system work in Network Marketing, various components are required: Great Tools both on- and offline, a powerful Event Structure, Recognition and Edification as well as great Marketing.

Please browse around my blog and I am sure you will find so many great and valuable content that will help you become a better and successful network marketer and business owner.

Dedicated to your success,

Roberto Magnaye

Learn more about Robert Magnaye HERE

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